Saturday, February 27, 2016

#SheLeads: Use Linkedin like a Boss! by Devay Campbell

Use LinkedIn like a Boss!

If you are like me, you probably thought all social media sites were created equal. Wrong! LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for professionals out there. Now, I am not saying to ditch the other social media outlets, but to be a boss and make boss career moves, you MUST be on LinkedIn, period.
Now that we have established that LinkedIn is where you want to be, let’s do it.  If you already have a LinkedIn account, kudos! If not, sign up immediately.

Get in the Game

To begin, study the profiles of other top professionals, especially those in your current or desired industry. Review their headings/headlines; find out which groups they have joined and consider the keywords they have chosen for their profiles. But while you are doing all of this studying, remember that you must get in the game at some point and move from spectator to participant.

Start requesting recommendations
Wouldn’t it be convenient to leave your bulky recommendation folder at home? Now you can!  LinkedIn allows you to request electronic recommendations that are available for immediate review within your profile. Believe me, recruiters and hiring managers will definitely check out this section. If you are shy about asking for recommendations, try offering a few recommendations first. Then ask each person to reciprocate.

Start connecting with others.
Linking up with others will expand your network, increase opportunities, and allow you to build relationships. These relationships will take you so much further than your skills and qualifications ever could.

If you are having trouble getting linked in to other people, find out if someone you know can introduce you. Remember, even your “bestie” knows or has access to someone you don’t know, so keep this avenue open.
As with any social media outlet, use reasonable judgment when connecting with others. In the meantime, have fun with it and watch your network grow into relationships that will serve you well.

Position Yourself to be Seen

Now that you are in the game, it is time to improve your visibility and show people how awesome you are and what you know. This self-promotion is key if you are seeking employment or advancement in your current career.

Creating and responding to industry-related posts are game changing activities that should be part of your strategy to get noticed. My LinkedIn connections almost tripled once I began creating new posts and responding to what others posted.  So did my requests for employment. Since this is all a part of your strategy, you should carefully plan what to say, keep up with what is going on in the industry, and keep your profile in tip top shape.

Keep in mind that the photo you choose, the header/headline under your profile, and your name are all that is visible when you turn up in a LinkedIn search.  These should grab the searcher’s attention and leave him or her wanting to read more.

Play where the bosses play
Joining LinkedIn groups allows you to interact with like-minded professionals or key players in your industry. It will also give you the opportunity to “absorb” from senior level professionals and stay abreast of current trends. If you didn’t know, recruiters and hiring managers hang out in these groups to find top talent.

Invite others to your playground
Be sure to list your LinkedIn url  on your other social media profiles. It is quite common to visit a Twitter or Facebook page and be invited to connect with that person via LinkedIn. Cross-promoting your LinkedIn page to gain more connections will grow your connections quickly.

Tighten up on your follow-up
Practice following up when:
  •          Someone reviews your profile.
  •          Someone asks you to connect.
  •          After your invitation is accepted.

Begin the relationship-building process immediately. Make a comment on that person’s profile or point out some of your common interests. People often remember the person they share conversations with.

Boss Bonus

Change your LinkedIn url to something that can be remembered and that represents who you are or who you want to be. Here’s an example:

Easy to remember:                 
Almost impossible to remember:

See what I mean? After all, you are more than a number; you are a boss!
I would love to hear about your success. You can find me on LinkedIn at

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